GeoPortal Genie screenshot

GeoPortal Genie makes it easy to find spatial datasets.

Esri’s GeoPortal Server software is an open-source tool for finding spatial datasets. It’s aimed at expert users, meaning that it can be hard for casual users to understand.

GeoPortal Genie is a plugin which makes Esri GeoPortal Server ridiculously simple to use. GeoPortal Genie is a modern, user-centric application which reduces the complexity of Esri GeoPortal Server, so that finding GIS data (and other spatial assets) is as easy as using a search engine.

GeoPortal Genie improves the GeoPortal user experience.


Benefits Core benefits of GeoPortal Genie

Feature 1

Superior user experience

GeoPortal Genie has a user-centric design which makes it simple to find spatial datasets. Your users can start searching your GIS catalogs without the need for any training, saving you time and money.

Feature 2

Modern technology

GeoPortal Genie is a modern application, built using the latest HTML5 + CSS3 web technologies. This means it works well on all modern browsers, with a responsive design which adapts automatically to suit any device.

Feature 3

Simple to deploy

GeoPortal Genie is easier for developers to work with, with complete flexibility in the look+feel of the application. It’s also easier to integrate with your content management system for web publishing.

Easy to customize GeoPortal Genie is ready to use, or may be customized easily

GeoPortal Genie is designed to be used straight out-of-the-box. But at the same time, GeoPortal Genie is very easy for a web developer to personalize, allowing you to tailor it perfectly to your site.

The core Esri GeoPortal Server front-end is based on Java technology, and does not provide many opportunities for customization. By contrast, GeoPortal Genie is a modern web application based on HTML5, CSS3 and a solid engine built using JavaScript and Backbone.js.

The end result is that multiple touch-points are provided to customize GeoPortal Genie, including tweaks to the CSS, manipulation of the HTML elements, and customization of the functionality using JavaScript.